KCXW: Destiny

KCXW: Destiny

Sept. 26th at Soccer Nation in KC, KS!

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KCXW: Destiny
  • DESTINY 2015 Match2-Rocco/Giroux vs Kyng/Marksman

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Tag Team Match – Hollis Giroux & Johnny Rocco Vs. The Marksman & KC Kyng
    • Some of KCXW’s brightest young stars team up to put it all on the line at KCXW: DESTINY 2015! When Hollis Giroux, Johnny Rocco, The Marksman, and KC Kyng share the same ring, you are in for a showc...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match3-A. Clay vs Tribal Warrior

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Singles Match – Aaron Clay Vs. “Tribal Warrior” Angel Skycall
    • Aaron Clay is an exciting young wrestler with a bright future. A formidable combination of speed, strength, and cockiness, he will give his best against any foe in the ring. Has he bitten off more than he ca...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match4-Tchaos vs Bigg Dogg

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Singles Match – Monster T-Chaos Vs. Bigg Dogg
    • KCXW’s biggest and baddest square off in this earth-shattering bout, and the ring can barely contain them! Bigg Dogg has left the Dogg Pound to take on the only creature in KCXW that could tower over him: Monster T-Chaos! ...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match5-Intro-Rumble-Tag Team Match

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Introduction – President Smiley, Darrien Sanders, and “Kingpin” Angel Medina
    • Professional wrestling fans are in for a treat with the kickoff of KCXW: DESTINY 2015! Ring announcer Mr. Steve Lovelady sets us up for a night of action before President Jordan Smiley introduc...

  • Destiny 2015 Match6-Kyle King vs Curt Gannon

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Singles Match – Kyle King Vs. “Spider Assassin” Curt Gannon
    • Future 2016 Season of Xcellence teammates Kyle King and Curt Gannon go head-to-head in an epic duel at KCXW: Destiny 2015! Kyle feels he has a score to settle with Gannon after getting eliminated from the Battl...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match7-TripleThreat-Cattin vs Purple Phoenix vs Lady Pride

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Triple Threat Match – “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin Vs. The Purple Phoenix Vs. Lady Pride
    • Here it is, the most controversial match in KCXW history! When “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin issues an open challenge for a hardcore triple threat match, The Purple Phoenix and L...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match8-Troll/Enigma vs Captain Shabam/DoubleD

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Tag Team Match – Troll & Enigma Vs. Captain Shabam & Double D
    • It’s a battle of good versus chaos in this exciting tag team matchup! Captain Shabam and Double D are always willing to fight together for truth, justice and equality. But Troll and Enigma make a surprisingl...

  • DESTINY 2015 Match9- Reigel vs Reigel

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Singles Match – Logan Riegel Vs. Sterling Riegel
    • Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s not stronger than DESTINY! You know them as tag team sensations The Riegel Twins, but at KCXW: DESTINY 2015, these twin superstars face off in singles competition…against each oth...

  • DESTINY 2015 Main Event- Sanders vs Medina

    • KCXW: DESTINY 2015 – Main Event (Singles Match) – “Kingpin” Angel Medina Vs. Darrien Sanders

    • The Main Event of Destiny 2015 is between “Kingpin” Angel Medina and Darrien Sanders, and the the stakes are sky-high! The winner of this match will be awarded the first overall draft pick at the ...