KCXW: TAKEOVER 1 (Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City)

KCXW: TAKEOVER 1 (Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City)

KCXW brings you the first event at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City. The Alamo has never been the same!!

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KCXW: TAKEOVER 1 (Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City)
  • Takeover 1 Match 6: Marksman vs Giroux 2 out of 3 falls

    Arguably the most heated rivalry in KCXW continues with this best-2-of-3 epic showdown! The Marksman and Hollis Giroux are two of the meanest competitors in the Midwest, and they have a lot of bad blood between them. Who can pick up a pair of wins in this marathon showdown to close out KCXW’s b...


  • Takeover 1 Match 5: Cattin vs Dogg Loser Leaves the Pack match

    There is so much more than pride on the line in this high-stakes match! Bigg Dogg, captain of Season of Xcellence team The Pack, has had enough of teammate “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin’s defiance. Cattin wants to be the captain of the team, and is willing to put his season on the line to ge...

  • Takeover 1 Match 4: Phoenix/Savage vs Clay/Skycall

    Tag team competition at its finest at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! The Purple Phoenix teams up with newcomer J. Savage to take on ring veteran “Tribal Warrior” Angel Skycall and Aaron Clay. These fan-favorites may be having friendly competition, but they’ll still crack each other’s skulls before th...

  • Takeover 1 Match 3: King vs Wylde

    “The Stranglers” captain Kyle King takes a break from his Season of Xcellence championship season to face off in an exhibition match against one of his toughest foes, St. Louis veteran Curtis Wylde! With Wylde’s manager Wyldefyre lurking outside, it hardly seems like a fair fight…but Kyle King w...

  • Takeover 1 Match 2: Genesis vs Gannon

    If anyone is up to the challenge of a last-minute change in challenger, it is “Spider Assassin” Curt Gannon! But Genesis, “The Heel of Heels”, is one of the meanest men in the KCXW roster. What happens when these two titans go head to head?

    “Spider Assassin” Curt Gannon

  • Takeover 1 Match 1: Reed vs D'auria vs Wyverstone Triple Threat match

    This triple-threat madness is truly an historic event! In the first-ever KCXW match in Missouri, Leo D’Auria, “Bullysmasher” Shannon Reed, and Cornelius Wyverstone go head-to-head-to-head in a true slobberknocker. Who will walk out of this three-man melee with the win?

    Leo D’Auri...