Unleashed (2016)

Unleashed (2016)

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Unleashed (2016)
  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 1: Cattin vs Troll/Wylde

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Handicap Match (Exhibition) – “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin Vs. Troll, the Unmerciful One & Curtis Wylde

    • KCXW: Unleashed 2016 and the inaugural Season of Xcellence kick off! President Jordan Smiley demands an apology from “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin for his anti...


  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 2: Battle Royal

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Battle Royale (6 Points) – The Force vs. The Street Kings vs. The Serpents vs. The Stranglers vs. The Pack
    • The first-ever KCXW Season of Xcellence match is a Battle Royale, and it is worth a whopping 6 points! The winning team will have a huge advantage right off the ...

  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 3: King/Gannon vs Genesis/Kyng

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Tag Team Match (2 Points) – The Stranglers vs. The Street Kings
    • It’s a mystery-partner tag team match! “Spider Assassin” Curt Gannon of The Stranglers and Levi McDaniel of The Street Kings each get to choose a partner moments before the match to help them earn 2 point...

  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 4 - Force promo/Snow vs Thunder

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Singles Match (1 Point) – Tommy Snow (The Force) vs. J.C. Thunder (The Pack)
    • Captain Shabam and The Force give an introduction to their team and a promise that the KCXW fans will “FEEL THE FORCE”! But when J.C. Thunder steps in to the ring against Tommy Snow, he is br...

  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 5: Marksman vs Sanders

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Singles Match (1 Point) – Darrien Sanders (The Serpents) vs. The Marksman (The Stranglers)
    • Darrien Sanders is an MMA-trained fighter, The Marksman is one of the best technical wrestlers in KCXW, and both of them are just plain mean! These two titans are going to leav...

  • UNLEASHED 2016 Match 6: Enigma/Phoenix vs Troll/Wylde Falls Count Anywhere

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Tag Team Match, Falls Count Anywhere (3 Points) – Troll & Curtis Wylde (The Serpents) vs. Enigma & Purple Phoenix (The Force)
    • “Falls Count Anywhere” means “anything goes”! No disqualification, no mercy, no relenting…the only thing AK the Ref can do is keep the childr...

  • UNLEASHED 2016 Main Event: Shabam vs Medina vs Dogg

    • KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 – Triple Threat Match (3 Points) – “Kingpin” Angel Medina (The Street Kings) vs. Bigg Dogg (The Pack) vs. Captain Shabam (The Force)
    • The Main Event of KCXW: UNLEASHED 2016 pits three Season of Xcellence team captains against each other in a Triple Threat match! “Kingpin...